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The world is overwhelmed with the newly advanced-communication%2C that is Internet. One which widely known is web-site. Performing as the media of information through visual communication%2C web site is very potential and provides a wide variety of work field for the designers. The rules in web-site design are not far different from those of visual communication design. The essential elements%2C such as typography%2C illustration%2C symbolism%2C and photography%2C act as the key design in producing the web sites.
Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia :

Dunia dilanda model komunikasi baru yaitu internet. Salah satu bentuknya yang sangat terkenal adalah situs-web. Sebagai media penyebaran informasi melalui komunikasi visual%2C situs-web merupakan potensi dan lapangan kerja yang luar biasa bagi desainer komunikasi visual. Kaidah-kaidah perancangan situs-web tidak berbeda jauh dengan kaidah-kaidah pokok desain komunikasi visual. Elemen-elemen penting dalam desain komunikasi visual seperti typografi%2C ilustrasi%2C simbolisme dan fotografi merupakan kunci perancangan tampilan situs-web. web-site%2C potensi%2C design-criteria%2C visual communication design

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