Keindahan Versus Narsisme dalam Undangan Pernikahan

Maria Nala Damayanti


One type of graphic design product that is quite popular in the community is a wedding invitation, because generally people who get married make them. Invitations are usually printed at a certain amount and sent to relatives and friends to various parts of the city and even the country. Lately models of wedding invitations decorated by the bride and groom photos are frequently encountered. A variety of poses and styles of the couple’s intimacy that have been personal property then spread and become publicly owned. Invitations ultimately serve also as a 'show off' or 'advertising' media. In developmental psychology, the tendency of individuals to ostentatiously self exhibit is a personality disorder known as narcissistic. Is the trend of stylish invitation designs as described above can be regarded as a form of narcissism will be questioned. This topic will be further investigated by a review by social psychology. On the other hand, this kind of design can reflect the interests of consumers towards the beauty of wedding invitations. The extent to which these things are related, will be explored in this paper.


Wedding invitations, narcissism, pre-wedding photography.

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