Focus & Scope

Jurnal Desain Komunikasi Visual Nirmana, published biannually in January and July by Petra Christian University, Indonesia, stands as a distinguished platform dedicated to the dissemination of significant, innovative, and interdisciplinary research in the field of visual communication design. Our commitment is to the open publication of high-quality design outcomes and scholarly works that significantly advance visual communication design. Below is a detailed outline of our journal's focus and scope, enriched by our publication and editorial goals:

Design Practices:
- Graphic Design: Exploring the creative process and application of visual content.
- Branding: Studies and methodologies in creating and managing brands.
- Advertising: Insights into advertising strategies and visual persuasion.
- Illustration: The art and technique of visual storytelling.
- Typography: The craft of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing.
- Photography: The art, application, and practice of creating durable images.
- Social Campaigns: Designing for social change and community engagement.
- Packaging Design: Innovations in protecting and presenting products.
- Visual Language: The system of communication using visual elements.
- Design Thinking: Methodologies for solving problems and generating innovative ideas.
- Interactive Multimedia: The creation of digital environments that interact with users.
- Game Design: The art of applying design and aesthetics to create a game.
- Infographics: Visual representations of information to present data clearly.
- Environmental Graphics: Design that connects people to places.
- Film/Audio-Visual/Animation: The creation and theory behind moving images.

Interdisciplinary Studies:
- History: Exploring the historical context and evolution of visual communication design.
- Cultural Studies: Investigating the cultural implications and influences on design.
- Media Studies: Analysis of the role of media in society and design.
- Sociology: Understanding the social impacts and contexts of design.
- Contemporary Philosophy: Philosophical perspectives on design and aesthetics.
- Semiotics: The study of signs and symbols in communication.
- Psychology: Insights into the cognitive aspects of design and its effects on human behavior.
- Gender Studies: Examining the influence of gender on design practices and visual communication, including the representation of gender in media and the role of design in shaping gender perceptions.

Publication and Editorial Goals:
- Biannual Publication: Issues are released in January and July, facilitating timely dissemination of research and design practices.
- Comprehensive Approach: Aiming to promote an integrative perspective on visual communication design by incorporating viewpoints from various disciplines.
- Academic Exchange: Strengthening academic exchange and collaboration with other institutions to enrich the discourse in visual communication design.
- Encouraging Research: Motivating scholars, practicioners, and others to engage in research and similar activities that contribute to the field.
- Peer Review Process: Submissions are rigorously reviewed by appointed experts, ensuring the publication of papers that meet the highest standards of scholarly and creative excellence.

Jurnal Desain Komunikasi Visual Nirmana welcomes submissions that align with our aims and scope. The editorial board, following a thorough review process by appointed reviewers, makes the final decision on the papers to be published. Authors will be provided with feedback, incorporating reviewers' comments and suggestions, to enhance the quality of their submissions. We are committed to fostering a scholarly environment that encourages the exploration and understanding of visual communication design in all its facets, promoting a dynamic exchange of ideas and advancements in the field.