Author Guidelines

NIRMANA Jurnal Deskomvis is published biannually, in January and July, by Petra Christian University. NIRMANA Jurnal Deskomvis aims to:

  1. Promote a comprehensive approach to visual communication design incorporating viewpoints of different diciplines.
  2. Strenghten academic exchange with other institution.
  3. Encourage designer, practicing, academic and others to conduct research and other similar activities.

NIRMANA Jurnal Deskomvis welcomes papers with the above aims and scope. The editorial board decides papers to be published in NIRMANA. After reviews by reviewers appointed by the board, authors will be advised of reviewers'comments and suggestions. The guidelines below offer suggestions to authors and describe paper selection, review, revision and publication processes. Adherence to these guideline ensures expenditious handling of submitted material. Submission and Correspondence Author should submit paper in the form of A4 size hard copy and a 31/2- inch computer disk or a CD. Files should be named as follows: first letters should be NIRMANA, followed by the first name of the first author,i.e.:NIRMANA_budi. Papers and all correspondences should be addresses to: The Editor, NIRMANA Jurnal Deskomvis Research Center of Petra Christian University Jl. Siwalankerto 121-131 Surabaya- Indonesia 60236 Tel. +62-31-849-4830 Fax. +62-31-843-6418 E-mail:, Manuscripts should be typed double spaced (12 pointsize fonts) in a single column format on one side of letter size paper with 2.5 cm wide margin (top, bottom, left, right). The lenght of a manuscript should belimited to 10-15 pages total (references, figures, tables, appendices, etc. inclusive). All pages should be numbered consecutively. Deadline of submission: January edition : first week of September July edition : first week of March Language The language of the journal is Bahasa Indonesia or English. Style Manuscripts should be organized in the following order: Title; authors and affiliations; abstract and keywords; main body of paper; acknowledgement (where applicable); references; appendices (where applicable). Abstract and key words for manuscript written in the Bahasa Indonesia should be written in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Abstract and keywords for manuscript written in English can be written in English only. Each abstract should not exceed 150 words. Three to ten key words should be included. Figures and Tables Photographs, charts, illustrations and diagrams are to be referred to as “Figure(s)”. All figures and tables should be placed within the text and identified with consecutive Arabic (Not Roman) number in the order in which they are referred to (separate numbers for tables and figure). All lettering, lines and symbols must be uniform size drawn in black and white prints and cropped to remove irrelevant information. Photograph must be glossy. It is better to use several simple tables than one large, complex table. All figures should be clear and suitable for reduction (up to 50% original size). Lettering must be clear and must be large enough to be reduced by the same proportion. All tables and figures must be accompanied by a self-explanatory caption. References References to published literatures should be quoted in body notes. Body notes should contain family name of the author and year of resource publication. The references should be listed together at the end of the text in consecutive order, with enough information to allow readers to find them. Journal reference should be in the style set out as follows: Pranata,M., (2003). Ceramah desain berbasiskan kecerdasan visual. Nirmana, Vol.5, No.2, 149-161. Book References is given as follows: Papanek, Victor. (1995). The green imperative: ecology and ethic in design and architecture (1st ed.). United Kingdom: Thames and Hudson. Electronic publication is set out as follows: McNeese, M.N. (2001). Using technology in educational settings. October 13, 2001. University of Southern Mississippi, Educational Leadership and Research. Computer disk The file on the computer disk or CD should exactly correspond to the hard copy. The operating system and word-processor used should be specified clearly. It is preferable to use Microsoft Word format. The disk/disc should be labed with the file name(s) relating to the manuscript. No program files should be included in the disk/disc. Pack floppy disk or CD in such a way as to minimize possible damage. Review All papers will be reviewed, and the results will be forwarded to the authors within one month from the time of submission. Copyright and OriginalityThe author should include and sign a paper containing the following information.

  1. I declare that this paper [title of paper] is original and has not been published and will not be republished in other publication.
  2. With the publication, I transfer the copyright to NIRMANA jurnal Deskomvis. The copyright transfer shall cover the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the article, including reprint, photographic reproduction of similar nature and translation. It shall also include the right to adapt the article for use in conjunction with computer system and programs including reproduction or publication in machine-readable form and incorporation in retrieval systems.
  3. Author: Signed __________________ Name: Date:

This transfer of copyright enables the Publisher to protect the copyright material for the authors, but does not reliquish the author's proprietary right. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce any figures from othe copyright holder where copyright exist. Offprint One copy of NIRMANA Jurnal Deskomvis will be provided free of charge to each published author. Additional copies or loose